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The Code Golem

An antique legend tells about a skilled developer who was able to code a powerful creature.
He gave him life by writing the letters "RUN" on its front.

The mighty creature was very helpful, and obeyed only to his master.

One day, the developer noticed a major bug in his creature:
it was growing and growing, consuming more and more resources.

The creature grew so much it was becoming dangerous,
and the developer knew there was only one thing to do:

He asked his creature to tie his shoes,
but as the creature bend down,
he added the letters "T" and "C" on its front
composing the word "TRUNC".

The creature's process was permanently  truncated
without a backup log.

This is the legend of The Code Golem.

Many developers are still looking for the right formula
to bring their code to life...

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